Wheels concerning the GT2000 soapbox racer
10" wheels look the best on this kit although 8" and 12" will work as well. A good entry level and economical wheel is the 10"X1.75" semi-pneumatic wheel with a 1/2" axle bore found in the outdoor/garden area of a good hardware store such as Home Hardware, Home Depot, Ace Hardware ect. ect. Never use lawn mower wheels as they typically do not have a bearing. These wheels may also be known as "steel wheels" or "utility wheels".

Other than the above wheel, people have reported using wheel chair castor wheels, hospital gerny wheels and snowmobile bogie wheels or idler wheels. In all cases, you may have to use bushings found at a bearing supply company to bring the wheel axle bore down to fit the supplied 1/2" axle.

To sum up, the best wheels have a good bearing and a thin, harder, rubber tread.
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Wheels concerning the Push Kart
Wheels must be 10" in diameter, the semi-pneumatic wheels described in the GT2000 soapbox racer description will work on the Push Kart as well. Another popular wheel for the Push Kart is the wheels found on hand carts or moving carts. They typically are 10" in diameter and have a 5/8" axle bore. A 5/8" to 1/2" bushing will need to be acquired from a bearing shop to make them fit, but the kart will roll over rough surfaces smoother.
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