Corporate events
We have found our kits being used as team building props. The focus groups have to work together to construct the kit in a limited amount of time by "working as a team", the day usually ends with a fun race for the ultimate champion. See this link for more information.

Schools and Universities
Both the Push Kart and the GT2000 racer are used regularly in frosh type or festival events at several schools in North America. The students get to build and decorate their kart in preparation for a day of racing, these events usually end up the most popular event.

School projects and fund raising
Our kits are also used by many grade schools and rec. centers as a project that the kids can learn from with a very cool end result. Often the kits are made for raffles to raise funds or used in a race centered around a fund raising theme.

The kids had a blast assembling them and racing. On our pavilion (outdoor basketball court), we set up a mock race track complete with cones and tires for the kids to do laps around and race…………
Recreation Center

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