Greetings from Grand Bend, ON
I have purchased and built your backhoe and push car and was very, very pleased with both. Do you have any new items that might not be on your web site? Christmas is coming and I now have 3 grandchildren who would love more "stuff" from Way Cool Kits.

Hello Bill,
We received the kit Friday. It was a great thrill for my son! And a bigger one for my husband once he started to put it together with him!!

Way Cool Kits
This e-mail is long overdue. My son and I built one of your push carts this past spring. It was a great project for us! Thanks for your hard work on it. It turned out great. I have 8 children so it will get plenty of use! Here are some pictures that you are welcome to post on your website. Thanks again for such a nice job of preparing the kit so wonderfully. It helped me overcome a lot of my skill challenges.

Just wanted to let you know that we received our push kart kits today and we couldn't be more excited! I had 50 kids waiting at the end of the hallway, just to see a box! We got the instructions, and they look very well organized. Thanks, and we'll send you pictures when we're done.

Mon, 04 Mar 2002
From: Mike
I received the kit on Thursday, and am nearing completion on the go kart. Great kit! I was surprised how detailed and advanced the design is.
Thanks much