Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy your kit and not make my own kart?
Our kit comes complete with all of the wood and hardware necessary, the parts are cut to precision and the instructions are clear. Rather than spending your time coming up with a design, getting material and several trips to the hardware store, we've made all the mistakes for you, and with the extra time, you can add your own touch and flare. You will end up with a good looking, safe and well built kart.

How much weight will it take?
We have never actually loaded the karts up with weight till they failed, but I can say, the kart weighs 50lbs without wheels, I weigh 185lbs (on a good day!) and I get in the kart and it doesn't flinch one bit, it could easily take another 100lbs.

What do I need to complete the kit?
The kits are complete except for wheels, paint and glue. You will need some basic hand tools as mentioned in the 'tech specs'. The kits include all wood, screws, hardware, steering wheel and axles.

Why do you not include wheels?
The wheels I can source out and sell are stocked every day at any good hardware store and it is not economical for the customer to pay for shipping and packaging, besides, it gives you the freedom to come up with the "winning" wheels! Click here for more information on wheels.

Can I build this kart?
To my knowledge, no one has failed yet. All reports back to me are of success, fun and learning experiences. There is lots for the kids to help with, although, an adult with some reasonable "handiness" must at least supervise. The instructions are clear and all of the parts are pre-cut and cannot be mixed-up, most of the holes are pre-drilled for location and we use alignment slots and grooves to help line everything up. It is like a jig saw puzzle held together with screws. If you follow the instructions, there should be no question how it goes together and we are always here to help with any questions.

Which kit should I buy?
The GT200 is for down hill derby racing, the steering is "board steering" that moves only 1" in either direction at the axle tips and the brake is designed for straight ahead braking on paved surfaces as in a derby. The Push Kart was introduced for those people who wanted to push a "go-kart" around the yard, the steering is more like automotive steering which allows the kart to turn sharper and the brake will work on any surface. This kit is for level surface pushing and not for high speeds.

Do they have brakes?
Yes, both karts have very effective brakes.

Do you have volume discounts?
Yes, simply ask for a quote, we will need to know State/Prov. And quantity required

Can you supply wheels if I ask?
Yes, a lot of time for the multiple kit orders, we supply wheels, ask for a quote with wheels.

How long to receive the kit after I order?
One to two weeks, depending on your location and quantity.

Question not covered here?
E-mail us for more information.